General Questions

You can register your trademark by filing TM 1 form application to the trademark registrar along with the prescribed fee. An Individual Proprietor, Company, firm can file trademark application or you can hire attorney for the same work who search the trademark, file application, clear all the objection raised by the registrar and also attend the hearing.

If the trademark is unique and novel creation of the proprietor and does not conflict with any existing trademark then it take 1 to 2 month for the acceptance. After acceptance it took exact 4 month from the date of publication to get Registered.

IP rights can be enforced by bringing actions to the civil courts or through criminal prosecution. entitled to remedies by way of damages, injunctions and accounts.

Payment Related Questions

There is no Government fee refund policy after filing of any IP application. Neither government nor any advocate, agent or counselor shall be liable for any government fee paid by the proprietor.

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